Technical Consulting


As a leading independent & specialized inspection- and consulting-company in the field of corrosion-protection, coating-applications, concrete- and façade-renovations, etc..., SCICON worldwide bvba is ideally positioned to provide you with a neutral and optimal solution to your problem or query!


Technical Consulting includes a number of more advanced services such as:

  • Providing general technical assistance regarding a project, application, product, procedure, equipment, etcetera
  • The execution of preparatory studies regarding the feasibility, life-cycle expectancy and maintenance-planning of new-build- & maintenance-projects
  • Drafting technical specifications (both for newbuild-projects as well as for maintenance-projects)
  • Performing technical evaluations of the various quotations in a tendering-phase
  • Executing technical pre-qualification audits
  • Qualification of operators (blasters, painters, spray-metalizing, ...)
  • Drafting of QA/QC-plans, inspection-procedures, Inspection Test-Plan, ...

SCICON worldwide bvba is also active in various Technical Taskgroups in the industry, promoting quality, safety & technical advancements in the world of corrosion-protection.

For every problem at hand or project, it is of vital importance to seek INDEPENDENT & SPECIALIZED advice!
In many cases you will be able to get FREE technical advice from a coating-contractor or product-manufacturer, but rest assured that this advice will almost always include a method or procedure the contractor can provide or perform or a product from the range of the product-manufacturer in question.  Not necessarily the BETTER solution for your problem or project.
Technical Consulting from SCICON worldwide bvba is not free, however you will have the most certainty that the advice will effectively provide you with the most unbiassed & best solution for your project or problem.

In that respect, SCICON worldwide bvba has made the preparatory study for the corrosion-protection (35 years life-expectancy) of the "Lange Wapper"-bridge of the Oosterweel-project (see picture).
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