Inspection of

  • The required surface-preparation and or renovation of various substrates as a solid foundation for a successful coating-application or renovation.
  • Corrosion-protection by means of the application of a coating-, lining- or renovation-system.

Who calls upon SCICON worldwide bvba for our independent & specialised inspections ?

  • Owners building or constructing a new building, structure or installation and want certainty about the corrosion-protection of their investment.
  • Maintenance Departments who wish to optimize their hard efforts in maintaining their installations.
  • Product-manufacturers that either want extra certainty in large or important projects or temporarily have a shortage of technical representatives, or just want a neutral, trained & experienced Third Party as part of the project-team to help guide or ensure the quality of their products being applied.
  • Coating-contractors, general contractors, laquerers, ... who wish to provide their client with an independent inspection-report confirming that they have lived up to the specifications and supplied the quality as ordered by their client.   
  • Owners, contractors, architects, engineering-offices, product-manufacturers, .... In short all parties involved in both industrial as well as residential construction- & renovation-industry whom lack either staff, specific knowledge or experience regarding coating- or renovation-chemistry and seek advice or assistance regarding pre-study, design, product-choice, application, inspection and technical acceptance.

One or more of the above-mentioned parties sometimes desire a so-called Insurance Backed Guarantee for the project at hand (to be requested PRIOR to the start of the works!).  For more information about this, see the page on 'Insurance Backed Guarantee'.

In short, the main goal of our inspection-assignments is to execute (full-time or spot-check) inspection during the works in progress and verify these for conformance with the specifications, technical data-sheets, etc...  You'll find our inspectors always to be team-players, adopting a constructive & solution-driven approach with quality and safety our primary objectives.

For more information regarding the various applications we have inspected before, see the page : Knowledge & Experience.

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