Mission & Vision



At SCICON worldwide bvba, our primary mission exists in helping our customers to:

  • reduce the overall cost of corrosion and corrosion control efforts
  • manage the risk of unexpected & potentially high costs related to premature coating failures (such as but not limited to repair works, unexpected shutdowns & loss of revenue, extra accessibility costs, mediation and/or litigation costs, etc...)


We can help our customers reduce these costs and risks through:

  1. Consulting Services

In helping to prepare (new-build or maintenance) projects through:

  • drafting or upgrading coating specifications
  • drafting or upgrading Coating Application Procedures, Inspection Test Plans, etc...
  • executing QA/QC (qualification) audits of (potential) subcontractors
  • seeking products and solutions in the industry based on our broad knowledge of products, technology, methods, equipment, etc...
  • provide Tender Support (technically)
  1. Coating Inspection Services

During the actual execution stage of your projects, we commit to always:

  • deploy Trained and Certified Coating Inspectors
  • with thorough technical, but also language proficiency
  • inspectors who value and safeguard Quality, Integrity, Diligence, and Confidentiality
  • using modern and reliable inspection equipment
  • acting only in safe and environmentally friendly conditions
  1. Damage Assessment and Failure Analysis

And in case things do take a turn for the worse unexpectedly, you can rely on our Expert knowledge and experience, assisted by advanced laboratory services if needed, to help you understand what went wrong, what's the root cause, who's responsible, and how it can be repaired. And if necessary help defend you in a potential claim scenario.

  1. Training Programs

And many of the training programs we have provided (click here) have brought subject matter awareness to our customers which always helps in making the right/better decisions.


All of these services, the following aspects are all key characteristics of our services:

  • third Party,
  • independent,
  • specialized,
  • trained and Certified (SSPC, NACE, Frosio, VCA, Bosiet, GWO, ...),
  • project language proficiency (communication & reporting),
  • thorough knowledge and understanding of project specifications and involved standards (read: actually having them, understanding and applying them)
  • modern & reliable inspection equipment
  • professional & elaborate reporting


Hiring our independent and specialized inspectors and consultants may be contagious to your company and its staff. Potential side effects may be:

  • increased awareness about corrosion and corrosion protection
  • a hunger for more knowledge
  • a need for a better understanding of more standards
  • reduced costs
  • fewer risks & liabilities
  • ownership of your quality


  • "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort" - John Ruskin 

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