• New Recommended Practice: In Case of Premature Failure

New Recommended Practice: In Case of Premature Failure

Corrosion Protection is still known to cost approximately 3,0 % of the GDP of a typical (Western) country.

In many (construction) projects, the cost of coating or corrosion protection is often a mere fraction of the total budget and hence tends to be underestimated in terms of importance to the success of a project.

When coating takes an unexpected turn for the worst, costs can VERY quickly escalate to an order of magnitude of the original cost, causing serious dents in a project budget, or even the books of the companies involved.

Based on nearly 30 years of experience in Quality Inspection, Technical Consulting, and especially Failure Analysis, SCICON worldwide bv has developed a 'Recommended Practice: ICoPF - In Case of Premature Failure'

The GOAL of this RP is to identify potential risks 'In Case of Premature Failure' so that better decisions can be made in terms of QA/QC management & approach.

At present, there are guidelines for the design of a structure (to be coated), for the definition of environments, for the expected durability, for coating system selection, etc... but NOT for the level of Quality Control and Quality Assurance that should be adopted.

In almost all projects we are involved with, we are seeing that the cost of corrosion protection is nothing mere than a fraction of the total budget of a project, often less than 5%. In that respect, it is perhaps not too surprising that corrosion protection gets less attention than it probably should get. Until things take a turn for the worse...

From our experience in Damage Assessment and Failure Analysis cases, we have learned that sometimes small (quality) mistakes can quickly escalate to multi-million €/$ repairs and many Owners & Contractors have unfortunately learned the hard way.

This guideline is not intended to scare you into a Quality Mindset. However, it is aimed at creating more awareness of the risks and consequences of non-quality in coating projects, not just for our direct clients, but for all parties we are involved with during our projects.

Download the Recommended Practice and the Questionnaire with Recommendations underneath the images to the right ↗️

We are truly convinced that a careful evaluation of potential risks and consequences, will help you make a better decision about the level of Quality you want on your project, ultimately SAVING you money and reducing the risks of unexpected & expensive mishaps.

And of course, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us for further assistance in the Quality Assurance of your (coating) projects at: ICoPF@sciconworldwide.com

I am convinced that our independent & specialized coating inspection & consulting services will undoubtedly pay for themselves in the long run (through fewer damages & more efficient maintenance).

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