• Surveys (in preparation of maintenance campaigns)

Surveys (in preparation of maintenance campaigns)

SCICON worldwide performs surveys of existing structures, buildings & infrastructure with the goal of optimizing the quality and especially the economic aspects of future maintenance-operations.

The entire object is subjected to a thorough technical inspection regarding corrosion, the condition of the coating and also other factors which may have impact on a scheduled or future maintenance.

Some of the parameters investigated are:

  • Extent & nature of corrosion (if present)
  • The general conditions of the coatings present on the object (such as thickness, adhesion, number of layers, type of coatings, ...)
  • Study of the object's corrosion-protection & maintenance-history
  • Determination of the environment-conditions (ISO 12944, ...)
  • Determinationn of the lifetime-expectancy of the maintenance-operation
  • Study of possible constraining factors that may have impact on a maintenance (environment, safety, accessibility, availability, time, ...)
  • ...

These surveys are executed on various types of infrastructure such as bridges, pipe-racks, appartment-buildings, containment-basins, other industrial steel-structures and even complete tankfarms.

As per the saying "If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail", SCICON worldwide bvba believes it is of capital importance to prepare a future maintenance-operation meticulously!  The smallest factor can easily throw the planning or the concept of the maintenance upside-down at a time when it may be too late to look for alternative solutions, leading to possible loss of maintenance-investment funds.
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