• Respect for the Industrial Blaster & Painter

Respect for the Industrial Blaster & Painter

In our industry, the proverb “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it” is never far away, so respect to all industrial blasters and painters.

But if on top of that, they have also left behind everything they have, they love, they owned, … to start up a new life halfway across the world and on top of that spare no efforts to integrate with their new environment and actually learn the local language, then the word respect should not be used just with a capital R, but with ALL capital letters!

So RESPECT to the 6 (Syrian, Iraqi & Afghan) refugees that participated in the exam for ‘Base-Certificate of Industrial Painter’ and on top of that also testified to have learned & mastered the Dutch language better than many other immigrants who not seldomly have already been working & living here for over 10 – 20 years…

We can only wish all 6 of you the very best for your new life.  A good integration combined with solid technical training will undoubtedly add a boost to your ‘new happiness’.

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